New children’s album.


Me and Alisdair recorded another children’s album in our studio here at home this spring It is kind of a follow up to our lullaby album Vögguvísur as it has a similar feel, but this time we also have a group of children singing with us. We hope to release it ourselves and have started a pledge campaign for the project here. If you would like to support this project you can learn all about it here :)

Barnavisur Cover

100 years !


Today here in Iceland we celebrate the fact that women have been able to vote for 100 years. In honor of this day there are all kinds of events happening all over town today, and one of them is a big concert in Harpa tonight. At the concert three Icelandic female bands will play, and famous male singers will cover songs written by Icelandic women. I am really looking forward to hearing a new version of Synchronised Swimmers :)

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 10.10.00

How about a bit of spring ?


The green house is finally up ,so despite endless winter outside I have declared SPRING here at Suðurá. It has been snowing and freezing for months and months and after having pneumonia for the last few weeks I have banned more winter for now.
Look even Frami and Ísold have had enough of the winter.

So I have started planting all kinds of seeds and started writing songs that sound like summer.
So hopefully my next post will be all about home grown carrots, ukulele music and chickens running around in the sunshine. XXX

Questions ?


Hi everyone! During the Christmas live concert I received lots of questions from you all and it was so much fun having a bit of a “chat” so this weekend I plan to record a video answering questions you send me over the next couple of days. If you are wondering about music, chickens, Icelandic “bun day” or anything else I might have the answer to please send me you question. I will try and answer as many as possible. ( I didn´t have a fitting picture for this post of me at the computer looking all business like, so this one of me and Arabella making snow angels will have to do :) FullSizeRender 3