Almost a proper forest :)


We don´t have very many trees here in Iceland compared to most other countries and I have heard many people say that when they first land in Keflavik it looks like they are on the moon. But we do have some trees and in some places even quite a few.Ásbyrgi

This beautiful place is called Ásbyrgi, we went for a walk there before our gig in Kópasker. I haven´t visited Ásbyrgi since I was a kid but it was just as magical as I remembered.  Here is a nice picture of my nephew Júlían on his first visit there.Júlían Ásbyrgi

It was too far to walk for Arabella and by the end of our visit she was almost asleep on my back. I will bring her back here when she is a bit older :) Ég og Arabella í Ásbyrgi


Post gig challenge


After our gig in Þórshöfn we drove past this old bridge. My 9 year old nephew Júlían who was with us there really wanted to stop and walk all the way over. It was very windy, freezing and midnight. I made it about half way but Júlían and Alisdair went all the way over while I cheered them on and ate chocolate in the car.

IMG_8626If you look closely you can see Alisdair and Júlian there at the other end. IMG_4996