20 years in the music industry


IMG_3809That sounds pretty grown up ( well I started when I was only 15 ).Here is an interview I did with the sunday edition of Morgunblaðið last weekend.

IMG_381020 years of music gives you a lot to talk about, and that takes up a lot of pages.


Oh yes, and this is our kitten Askur, he climbed up my pack and posed like a professional for the camera :)


My style …


…… is what they call this section in Icelandic magazine Vikan. They came and took some pictures at our home, and as you can see Mosi did not see that as a reason to wake up.FullSizeRender 4

Snowed in


We have had a lot of snow in the last week, so much snow that we have been snowed in twice in the last seven days. Me and Arabella used the snow days to bake christmas cookies and make cards with glitter and glue. A 3 year old + glitter + glue = a lot of mess.
But then the snow got so heavy that a bit of the roof fell off. As I am writing this the biggest storm in Iceland since 1991 is getting started outside, it sounds crazy but so far the pink house is standing strong. Fingers crossed.FullSizeRender
IMG_3550FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 3