New year, new music !


Happy new year everyone ! I can´t believe it is 2015, that just sounds like the future. We celebrated new years eve here in the valley with our friends and neighbors, we all meet at the bonfire after dinner where the local band plays a few songs and people sing and dance in the snow before the crazy firework thing starts. (Icelanders are famous for setting off a lot of fire works on new years eve.IMG_0726
You can see Arabella sitting there at the front with green ear defenders, I am guessing she will be playing with the band next year.IMG_0741
I am planning on recording a new album this year and hopefully releasing it in the autumn. I have already written quite a few songs for it, so next time I go on tour I might have some brand new music to play you.
Hope the new year bring you all lots of happiness and exciting new adventures.