Hoffell in Hornafjörður.


My next stop was Hoffell in Hornafjörður. My grandmothers brother is the farmer here and I spent two summers here as a teenager. IMG_4850I really enjoyed bringing Arabella and Alisdair to Hoffell with me, I have so many good memories from that place.

IMG_4851When I stayed at Hoffell with the family many years ago it was just a normal farm, but now they have transformed the stables into a beautiful guest house, it was the formal opening that day so I played a living room concert there. It was the first time I have had to have a Kleinur ( Icelandic doughnut thing ) break in my set.  Yes it was very homely.IMG_8404I was reunited with the ” babies ” I looked after here at Hoffell. Looks like one of us hash´t grown that much. ( They don´t always dress in matching outfits, this is their Glacier world work wear )

IMG_4904Grandpa Þrúðmar took us to the glacier the next morning. Imagine actually having this on your land.



And we recorded a live video of our lullaby song Litlar stjörnur by Hoffellsjökull before we left



Vík and Hotel Laki.


We started this part of our trip with a gig in Vík.  We played in a beautiful old house called Halldórskaffi and had a mixed audience of Icelandic locals and international visitors. After a long drive it was great to go for a walk on the black sand beach.IMG_4792After the gig we drove to Hotel Laki, just outside of Kirkjubæjarklaustur.  It was great to have such a nice place to stay after a long day of travelling. We arrived in the dark so it wash´t until the next morning we realised the amazing view of Vatnajökull glacier.

IMG_9562Sugar at breakfast always makes me very happy, so I really appreciated the make you own waffles set up at Laki.

IMG_4819My sister was there with us looking after Arabella and she was being super healthy and having a fresh ginger shot during breakfast. She brought one over for me, and it is safe to say I didn´t appreciate that as much as the waffles.

IMG_4829Before we left we went down to the lake behind the hotel where we recorded an acoustic performance ( and it was actually sunny there :)


Wolf video.


I am very excited to share with you the new video for Wolf :)

Folk festival in Bíldudalur.


We played at a lovely folk festival this weekend called Baunagrasið. The people were lovely and the atmosphere was great. Lots of smiling and singing along to the songs. Here is a picture taken as we were leaving Bíldudalur on saturday.BD

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