Bjarnveig´s pancakes, new hat and tónleikar in Þórshöfn.

As soon as we arrived at Bjarnveig’s farm at Ytra Áland we felt like we were part of her family. She welcomed us with open arms and imediately started serving us tea and bread (well as soon as she managed to stop laughing after watching me running into the house with my special new hat). What can I say, I was attacked by an Arctic Tern (Kría) when I was about 10 years old and I am still very scared of them. There was lots of them around Ytra Áland so I was’t taking any chances.


Bjarnveig is a very lively character and it didn’t take her long to gather around some of her neighbouring farmers and convincing me that we had to have a little pop up gig in her living room. It is hard to say no to such a friendly grandma that makes such lovely pancakes (she is famous for her pancakes around there :)

IMG_4966While we played a few songs over pancakes and coffee Arabella kept singing Mary Had a Little Lamb, again and again. Then when we finished playing she dragged me over to have a look at the ” little lamb ”

IMG_1642That evening we played a gig in Þórshöfn (pretty much on the opposite end of Iceland from Reykjavík). Our venue was a restaurant called Báran and the staff there were so friendly and welcoming, just like all the people we met in Þórshöfn.IMG_4965

This was the view from our table at Báran
IMG_4962I took this picture out of the window just before we left Bjarnveig’s house. A few minutes later she came and gave me  lots of freshly baked pancakes for the road.



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