Dried fish, chocolate cake and a dog called Hrappur.

We went for a walk around Húsavík before our gig and there was some weird fish about. Arabella had to stop in front of this lot for a while just to point and say ojjjjjjj ojjjjjjj !!!! ( yuk yuk would be the english translation ). So I guess she won´t be wanting the Icelandic classic dried fish for her birthday party this weekend :)
But talking about things to eat…. we found some lovely chocolate cake. So here you have a picture of three generations agreeing that chocolate cake is a good inv/Users/Hafdis/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Previews/2014/08/05/20140805-210059/Reg0%VBmTvW41lAnh3wXsg/IMG_1678.jpgention.
After the gig we had a bit of a drive ahead of us and we arrived late in the night at Narfastaðir. But everyone there was very helpful and friendly which is so helpful when traveling with a baby that is fast asleep. So the next day we had a slow morning and after a big breakfast we went outside to play. and that´s when we met HrappurIMG_5023
Arabella followed him around for a while shouting Mosi Mosi ….
Before we left Narfastaðir we recorded a cover of Sam Smiths Stay with me, we planned on playing outside but it started to rain so we moved into the house for the recording.
You can listen to our cover here

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