Farm holidays :)

I am on a tour around Iceland at the moment with Alisdair and Arabella and we are working with a great company called Icelandic farm holidays. So while we are traveling we will be staying at different farms and country guest houses  around the country. We started off this weekend in Snæfellsnes. I had been told about a beach with white sand and a view of the glacier, but sadly we had very wintery wether so we could´t see much of all those beautiful things. But thankfully Langaholt guesthouse was a cosy and family friendly place so we didn´t mind the rain that much.

There is a lot of Arctic tern ( Kría ) around and they tend to poke you in the head when you get too close to their nest, so the hosts lent me this home made Kría protector.


The dining room was full of heart shaped stones that guests of Langaholt have found on the beach. There were probably around 200 of them there.



Arabella enjoying the view


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