Glasgow gig and a pink hippo ! ( In a leotard )

Me and Alisdair played a lovely venue in Glasgow called Brel. It was kind of like playing in a green house, but in a greenhouse full of people. They looked after us really well gave us nice food and were so lovely. But I can’t mention Glasgow without mentioning Angela. I first met her when I played in Glasgow almost 2 years ago, then she made me a cat in a ski jumper on ski’s. This time she made me a pink hippo in a leotard and tutu. She told be that she was going to make me a horse but the head got so fat that she turned it into a hippo. I don’t know where the connection comes from this time as I don’t have songs about a hippo’s or horses, but maybe I should write one called Hippos and horses.

Here is a picture of me Angela and the hippo.

My pink hippo

To see more of Angela’s toys go to

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