Hello everyone.

Since my last blog entry I have moved into a new house ( well it is actually a very old house, but it is new to me and it is pink. ), recorded an album of Icelandic lullabies, and I am expecting a baby next month. So lots of exciting things going on. The lullaby album was released in Iceland this week and the Icelandic title is Vögguvísur. My foreign friends will be able to order a copy from my website, it should be set up in the next few days. Until then here is a little video from the recording session for one of the songs. This is recorded in our home studio in the new-old house.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely..I love your music. It’s like creative, relaxing medicine to my ears.

  2. Renophaston says:

    Thanks for thinking of us foreigners! I’m looking forward to hearing the whole thing since I love what I’ve heard.

  3. Arcticbird says:

    I bought your new “Vögguvísur” album and got an extra copy even though I only ordered 1 copy. It was really nice! I’m very happy with it. Great job Hafdis! :)

  4. Nelson says:

    Flott framtak. Ve6ri ekki ledka he6gt ed sabnamdi vif0 feetta af0 bfaa til kort af feeim stf6f0um fear sem Lagarfljf3tsormurinn hefur se9st. Fjf6lskyldukort krakkakort sem ve6ri he6gt af0 selja; fear sem fjf6lskyldan ge6ti farif0 e1 feessa staf0i hlustaf0 e1 sf6guna (lesif0 eitthvaf0 um hana e1 skiltum e1 feessum sve6f0um) og safnaf0 vedsbendingum. deegar fefa ve6ri bfainn af0 heimse6kja e1kv. marga staf0i og bfainn af0 ne1 ed visbendingar myndir fefa fe1 bol ed verf0laun c9g er Lagarflf3tsorms Kf6nnuf0ur . deetta fengi ff3lk til af0 kynna se9r sf6guna ennfee1 betur sem og af0 stoppa e1 sve6f0inu, kaupir se9r mat, fejf3nustu og gistingu. deetta er he6gt af0 fatfe6ra e1 margan he1tt feannig af0 feessi kf6nnunarleif0angrar se9u mis erfif0ir og taki mislangan tedma.dearna er komin affereying fyrir fjf6lskulduff3lk, eitthvaf0 sem allir mef0 krakka sem ferf0ast um landif0 leita af.Bestu kvef0jur,cdvar

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