Welcome to the new website.

I am very happy to have my website up and running again. Looks all grown up and sophisticated doesn’t it ? I quess the new album is a bit more grown up as well so it all makes sense. Looking forward to sharing my news with you here and hopefully you will leave me comments and questions when you visit.



  1. Zar-Unity says:

    Hi Hafdis! I love your music! It brings me much joy! I’m listening to Synchronised Swimmers right now! Such a wonderful album! Amazing, amazing! My favorite track is far and away “Boy’s and perfume”! I love it’s atmosphere and acoustic sound. Your new website look is really nice! Great work and I look forward to your new album next year! Oh and you should hear some of my favorite band Saint Etienne sometime! I think you’d enjoy their music, since they tell interesting stories like with your songs and they have a very dreamy, relaxing sound to their music like you do in your music. All the best, a big dedicated fan sends his love! :-) XX

  2. L├╝thi Marcel says:

    dear Haftis -

    I really, really like your music and your style.
    Website – hmmmmmm. Eventhough I like it – it could be a hairdresser’s page, sorry…

    Kind regards from (snobby) Switzerland.


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